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Piano on Dim Stage

Gultek Piano Academy

Gültek Piano Academy offers individual piano lessons to students of all ages and levels of advancement and with diverse goals.

The founders, Sezil - Buğra Gültek are well known piano teachers with high experience in all aspects of piano pedagogy. Their books and education materials have been used widely on piano education in Turkey as well as in some foreign countries. 

The lessons are also available in English language.

For over twenty years Gülteks' students have gained many internationally recognized certificates as well as professional performance and teaching diplomas in the main exam boards as Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and London College of Music (LCM). Several of pupils continued  their studies in conservatory piano departments and music pedagogy faculties.

Despite the academical achievements that their students have gained, Gülteks seriously do believe that piano is for everyone and for every level and purpose. They have educated hundreds of piano pupils, just to add an important plus to their personal development, fun and joy. Gülteks believe that music education is an enriching experience and a key component in a person's well-rounded development, especially for children. They observe the positive effects learning a musical instrument, especially piano, has on a student's physical, social, emotional and intellectual development are invaluable.

The teaching in Gültek Piano Academy promotes independent learning and musical self-reliance and provides students with usable skills to build on for the rest of their lives. 

Gültek Piano Academy is located in GOP area which is close to many embassies and international schools. It is equipped with sound proof piano classes, one theory classroom and a 25 seated hall equipped with a Kawai grand piano that is used for rehearsals, workshops, exam preperations and concerts.

We offer certificate - diploma preparations for the exams of:

​ABRSM - The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (UK)

LCM - London College of Music (UK)

Trinity College - Guildhall (UK)

RCM - Royal Conservatory of Music (Canada)

Our Founders


Piano Teacher, Composer, Singer

As a dedicated piano teacher with a piano teching diploma obtained from the London College of Music, Sezil Gültek's piano students have gained many internationally recognised certificates as well as piano performance and teaching diplomas. 

Besides a career in piano pedagogy, Sezil Gültek is a strong vocalist and a composer. 

She is the manageress and the coordinator of our school and head of the piano teaching programmes and activities.


Piano Teacher, Music Author

As a well known piano teacher and music author, Gültek holds a Masters Degree on Music Education from Gazi University as well as diplomas of piano pedagogy from Janacek Academy of Music (Czechia), London College of Music (UK - LLCM TD) and Advanced Expert Piano Teacher Certificate from Canada's Royal Conservatory of Music. 

His books about piano are widely used for pedagogical purposes both nationwide and internationally.

Gültek is a member of Nova Scotia Registered Music Tachers' Association (NSRMTA) and Federation of Registered Music Teachers' Associations of Canada (CFRMTA).

For a detailed CV in English, please click here.

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